Preacher’s Point: Player Spotlight

We began last week looking at what I call standout players. We are placing the spotlight on five players I believe will be standouts for this 2017 Bulldog team. As I explained, there will be some ultra-talented players who do not make the list for various reasons. The only players who will make this list... Continue Reading →

Preacher’s Point: Player Spotlight

There are two different types of players on every team as far as contribution is concerned. First are the role players. These are players that play an important role on either side of the ball, but they could be replaced if push comes to shove. Then there are those players that are more than just... Continue Reading →

PREACHERS POINT: Breakout Players

The job of naming "breakout players" is a broad and challenging task. It is a bold prediction at best, and a shot in the dark at worst. Knowing this, I chose to go to some of the most knowledgeable Bulldog fans for ideas on the subject. The Elite Dawgs message board has an outstanding reputation... Continue Reading →

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