Going into this weekend the lack of big games really made it seem as if the weekend would be rather uneventful, and not to mention the fact that Mississippi State did not even play. However, that was far from the truth, as two top-10 teams were defeated by their unranked adversaries and even a 7 OT game in the #MAC.

#3 Oklahoma upset at home by Iowa State

The line closed with Oklahoma being favored by more than 30 points and rightfully so as Iowa State has not intimidated anyone and was playing their first game without their starting quarterback Jacob Park. The game started like most expected with Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma dominating the undermanned Cyclones, and even taking a 24-10 lead at one point. However, Iowa State found a rhythm and would go on all five of their last five possessions to upset Oklahoma 38-31. This game also affected the national landscape, as it also hurts the BIG 12’s chances to get a team into the College Football Playoff. TCU, which has looked strong, but beatable is really the only choice now for the BIG 12 to get a team into the playoff. Ohio State should also face an uphill battle to get into the playoff, as they lost to Oklahoma at the beginning of the season, which would surely mean they are going to have to win the Big 10 to have any chance at making it.

#7 Michigan falls to Michigan State

We all remember Michigan State’s last visit to the Big House, in what became one of the best game-winning plays in college football history.

After having a terrible season last year Sparty has been looking for revenge and to catapult them into having a great season. Michigan State dominated most of the game, starting by taking a 14-3 lead and looked like they might route their in-state rival. However, Michigan State went extremely conservative having a span of 25 plays and only one first down. None of that would matter in the end as the rain poured in Ann Arbor, the green and white would come home with the win.

#1 Alabama overcomes Texas A&M on the Road

Alabama had dominated the competition through the first two weeks of SEC play for the Tide, even outscoring their opponents 125-3. They looked unstoppable, until last night. Texas A&M was remarkably able to play with Alabama for most of the game, and even when Alabama began to pull away, they scored a touchdown and blocked a punt for a safety to put them within 8 with 20 seconds left in the game, but a failed onside kick would seal their fate. You could interpret this in two different ways, 1. Alabama looked beatable, and showed some weakness in certain aspects of their defense and pass offense or 2. Nick Saban will have the Tide ready for whatever challenge comes next. Theory number is even supported by a quote from Nick Saban referring to his team’s positive media coverage as “Rat Poison”. Through the midway point of the season, Alabama is not perfect and that showed against the Aggies and their 100,000 strong faithful at Kyle Field.

Buffalo and Western Michigan tie OT record

This game believe it or not last year was the scene of a snowing College Gameday in Kalamazoo, Michigan as the Broncos and then coach P.J. Fleck were undefeated, however things have changed now as Fleck now coaches for Minnesota, but the Broncos are still having success with a 4-2 record on the season.

This game was not on my radar and surely not on most college football fans radars, as multiple significant games were going on at the time. However, there was a wild one occurring on ESPN U. The many records set in this game include most combined points, most points by a losing team, and even tied for the most overtimes periods ever at 7.  The game also had a level of even more odd happenings, even at one point a Western Michigan player’s sister ran out onto the field and hugged him when he scored a touchdown.

The only problem is it wasn’t at the end of the game, there would be six more overtimes played and in the end, Western Michigan would come out on top 71-68.

College Football Weekends just aren’t the same when the Bulldogs aren’t playing, but the craziness of this Saturday didn’t make it unbearable.