LSU Game Ball Giveaway Entry

Are you ready to win!?!? You sure as hell should be! This once in a lifetime opportunity is upon us, and we at Hailstate Takeover want to give back to the fans who make MSU athletics so incredibly awesome. So how do you win, you ask? I’ll tell you!


It really is that simple folks. Either share the podcast link on Twitter or Facebook, and follow one (or both!) of those social media accounts. That enters you in the drawing to win the game ball signed by Dan Mullen and Todd Grantham! I mean, it couldn’t be any easier to win. Seriously. We might as well just hand it to someone on the street it’s that simple. So go, share the 13 & 34 Podcast with your friends, family, pets, neighbors, coworkers, hell even the pizza delivery guy needs something to listen to on those lonely nights when he’s out delivering moderately cold pizza to your doorstep because you’re too lazy to put on pants.

We will pick a winner at 12 pm (noon) Thursday September 28 on Twitter and Facebook!!

Really people, we couldn’t spell it out any more clearly if we had Hooked on Phonics write this article for us. If you want to be the envy of all your friends, to own something that nobody (and I mean NOBODY) else has, then you need to enter this drawing. If you want to be a loser, go to that TSUN blog site. I heard they’re giving away free clinic visits to anyone who hung out with Hugh and the escorts this past year.

So share it. Listen to it. Love it.

Get it on iTunes now.

And as always,



Blake Scott, Editor in Chief


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