Mississippi State and Starkville have truly started to blossom over the past few years with record growth in enrollment and rapid population growth in Starkville. It became obvious for us to start documenting the growth and development of the area in our “Business Report”.

550 Russell


The Mill’s restoration became a huge source of development in Starkville with over 55 Million Dollars poured into the area the impact it has had can not be over stated. The first phase began three years ago with the restoration of the Mill, the development of the Cotton Mill Marketplace, and the Courtyard Marriot just a few feet from campus. Phase II of The Mill project broke ground on Friday. Dubbed 550 Russell, the new development has already secured two tenants to occupy their restaurant portion of their development with Mugshots moving from their downtown location to Russell Street, as well as, a new Italian Pizza chain Gondolier will occupy the second spot in the development. The spot still has one retail spot available, and with the demand in the area, it should be filled soon. The remaining area of the development is slated for condos, which are currently for sale starting at $470,250 for a three bedroom space. You can check out all the renderings and more on 550 Russell’s website: Here


College View Project

Mississippi State announced last month that it had partnered with EdR to develop a mixed-use student development project where Aiken Village used to be located. Mississippi State received the “OK” from their meeting with the Mississippi IHL. The development just walking distance from the Hump and Dudy Noble is slated to have over 650 bed spaces by Fall of 2019 with the potential of additional spaces to be added down the road. The development plans to have an outdoor entertainments space, daycare center, retail spaces, and restaurant spaces when the first phase of the development is completed in 2019. No, renderings have been produced by EdR or Mississippi State, as the project is still in its infancy, however, it has hurdled an early step in getting the “OK” from the IHL.