We used the help of the Elite Dawgs community to “Guess the Penalties” Ole Miss would be handed down

Yesterday’s news came as a shock to some, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Hugh Freeze was going to be fired, or forced to “resign,” because of his involvement in the NCAA allegations, but only a few people on Mississippi State message boards thought it would end the way it did. We started a thread on our partner-site Elite Dawgs, and bear in mind these were made before the announcement yesterday. However, in lieu of the “pattern of personal conduct” for which he “resigned,” I don’t believe this will help Ole Miss’s case, and Sport’s Illustrated writer Andy Staples agreed.

I offered my honest opinion to open the thread and I still stand by that prediction at this point in time.

My Prediction:

Based on pure facts, and with the fact that the COI sides with the NCAA Enforcement staff, I say this is what will happen to the University of Mississippi’s football program: 30 scholarships over 3 years, additional 2 year bowl ban (self-imposed 2017,2018,2019), 5 year probation and show causes for multiple coaches. These sanctions would cripple Ole Miss, and when you have committed 21 Level I violations your program deserves to be crippled.

New Penalty Matrix:

Something I didn’t take into effect, however, was the NCAA’s new penalty matrix passed in 2013. The new matrix’s headline is “Cheaters beware.” The NCAA established this matrix to make for more predictable outcomes of cases and to establish punishments that would be in place when there are major breaches in conduct for offending Universities.

New Penalty Matrix

Predictions Under the New Penalty Matrix:

The penalties would obviously be more severe if the NCAA truly chooses to use their new matrix to the fullest extent and make an example out of the Rebels. As far as the NCAA is concerned, cheating while you are being investigated is not the best way to promote your compliance department.

Here are some of the predictions submitted by other Elite Dawgs members.

32-36 over 4yr scholly reductions
5 yrs probation
2 yr bowl ban
50% reduction in recruiting contact and visits allowed
Show cause and FTM on Freeze
Show cause on 3-4 other coaches from Nutt’s staff and Freeze’s staff
Over a dozen “Boosters” disassociated
Relinquish SEC profit sharing revenue for 2 years
Completely re-vamp that clown show of a Compliance Department

– LockeDawg

LockeDawg presents his set of penalties, which are a little more severe than mine, but really wouldn’t surprise me if the NCAA makes an example out of the Rebels.

50+ scholarships over 5+ years (no more than 10/year)
6 years of probation
3 year bowl ban
show causes for: Derrick Nix (4), Maurice Harris (4), Hugh Freeze (10-12), Bjork (10 years) and Barney Farrar(8) [Other AD positions also get show causes, but I don’t care enough to look up who]
Suspensions for: Chris Kiffin(8 games) and Matt Luke (6 games)
Booster clubs disassociated
All games back to 2006 (Powe) forfeited/Vacated
Frozen SEC Revenue

– SheltonChoked

Shelton’s proposal would absolutely cripple Ole Miss with near Death Penalty level punishments and essentially make Ole Miss’s program an after thought for the foreseeable future.

46-66 scholarships
5-6 years of probation
2-3 year bowl ban
2-10 year show causes for: Derrick Nix, Maurice Harris, Hugh Freeze and Barney Farrar
Suspensions for: Chris Kiffin and Matt Luke
Lack of Institutional Control(CONFIRMED)
– DeviousDawg34

Devious Dawg dove into the new penalty matrix and concluded that if the NCAA was going to be consistent with its new rules than this should be the outcome.

Remember this was all an Elite Dawgs Conspiracy:

Ole Miss ridiculed members of Elite Dawgs, called them awful things, because of their opinions on the NCAA violations committed by Ole Miss years ago, and look where we are now. Ole Miss has self-imposed a one year bowl ban, scholarship losses, revenue losses and now are without their beloved head coach, who they defended until the very end. Elite Dawgs was correct, and now Rebel nation owes them and Steve Robertson an apology. And even though their track record is not one that supports an apologetic attitude, let’s face the facts: it’s in their best interest.

Because we already know where not apologizing has gotten Ole Miss.