The tweet from January 2016 is listed as evidence in the lawsuit filed today by former Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt. Wyatt is listed as “Journalist #2” and his tweet appears on page 13.

Now on to “Journalist Number 3”, Neal McCready. Neal published his tweet the same day as Matt, as the former Ole Miss coach alleges. Hugh Freeze allegedly called him on January 21st and told Neal the false narrative he was trying to push according to the lawsuit filed this morning. Consistent with this, Neal reported later that day that: “very minimal number” of allegations are tied to the current football staff, and those are related to former Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil. . . . Most of the football-related allegations, the source said, date back to Houston Nutt’s tenure. Nutt coached Ole Miss from 2008 through 2011.”

Listed as “Journalist Number 1,” Pat Forde ran a story on January 29th about Ole Miss formally being charged with the rule violations, which Nutt alleges was the beginning of Hugh Freeze’s campaign to discredit this claim by contacting local journalists to push his side of the story.

This brings us to “Journalist Number 4”, who is Bruce Feldman. The lawsuit alleges that, “In a 5 minute telephone conversation that Coach Freeze initiated with Journalist #4 beginning at 3:15 p.m. on January 29, 2016, Coach Freeze told the journalist a version of the false narrative. An hour and twenty minutes later, Journalist #4 posted news story that included the following statement: “Multiple sources tell FOX Sports that the majority of the allegations stem from women’s basketball and track as well as from incidents occurring with the previous Rebels football staff from the Houston Nutt era, and that the Notice of Allegations does not contain anything that surprises the program”

Now we get to AP sports reporter David Brandt, or “Journalist Number 5.” The lawsuit states that David Brandt had called Hugh Freeze after Pat Forde’s story broke, and had a conversation with him, where Freeze pushed his false narrative. Then, forty minutes later, Ole Miss Athletic Director Ross Bjork allegedly called Brandt to further push Ole Miss’s narrative. Then, only about 1 hour and 30 minutes later, David ran a story with the following statements in it: “Some of the allegations regarding the football program date back to previous coach Houston Nutt, but others involve current coach Hugh Freeze’s tenure, a person familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press on Friday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing..

. . .

The announcement was not unexpected but comes at a bad time for the football program, which is trying to lock down one of the nation’s most highly regarded recruiting classes before national signing day on Wednesday.”

This pretty much sums up Ole Miss’s intent to provide false information to “save” their recruiting class, as alleged in the lawsuit. The link to the original story can be found here: DAVID BRANDT REPORT
The lawsuit then goes onto to say that “Journalist Number 7”, who is Chris Low, spoke to Kyle Campbell, who is listed as Ole Miss’s Associate A.D. and Manager of the Ole Miss Athletic Department’s Communications Department, and had a conversation pushing the false narrative once again. Later in the Day, Ross Bjork contacted “Journalist Number 6,” who is Joe Schad, and had a 7 minute conversation with him. Fifteen minutes later Chris Low Tweeted this:

However,  Chris Low then posted a story, according to the lawsuit, stating: “Allegations connected to Mississippi’s football team largely derived from the 2008 11 tenure of Houston Nutt, sources said. Freeze was named the Rebels’ coach in December 2011. Sources told that the new football violations in the NCAA’s report centered primarily on the Tunsil case. “This is a fraction involving our current football staff,” a source told ESPN’s [Journalist #9]. “Some of those things we’ve already self-imposed some penalties around and already dealt with. This just happens to be part of a broader process.” (emphasis added).

“The NCAA has charged Ole Miss with a number of rules violations, but
sources told ESPN that many of the allegations either do not involve
the football team or predate Hugh Freeze becoming the head coach.
The timing of the notice of allegations is anything but ideal for the Rebels. National signing day is Wednesday, and Ole Miss is hosting several recruits on campus this weekend as it tries to complete a class currently ranked No. 3 by ESPN. Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork, in a statement Friday, declined to elaborate on the allegations. “As has been the case for the past three Years, we are bound by confidentiality and cannot comment publicly on the matter,” Bjork said.”
The link to the original report can be found here: CHRIS LOW REPORT. The bottom of the article also seems to identify “Journalist #9” as Edward Ashcoff, as he is quoted within the report.

Journalists listed

1. Pat Forde

2. Matt Wyatt

3. Neal McCreadey

4. Bruce Feldham

5. David Brandt

6. Chris Low

7.  Joe Schad

8. N/A

9. Edward Ashcoff