SEC Media Days, one of the most over-hyped events of the year that provides little-to-no eventful moments, continued today. Dan Mullen headlined day two of SEC media days, and unlike last year, when he was grilled with questions on why he was so lenient on Jeffery Simmons, this year was boring and uneventful, which is a good thing for Mississippi State.

Mullen was praised by Bret Bielema on day one for his impressive track record of developing quarterbacks. When Dan took the stage this afternoon, the majority of the questions focused on quarterbacks Nick Fitzgerald and Dak Prescott.

Instead of boring you to death with meaningless quotes from the day, I have decided to simply share the best tweets from SEC Media Day 2017.

DEeQ6O6UMAA3yG7.jpg“Dan always brings the fire shoe game to SEC Media Days, and here he is showing off his Adidas NMD CS2 Customs today, as he previously flashed Yeezy Boosts in previous years.”

(Matt Murschel via Twitter)


The press conference began around 1:00 p.m. , and it was filled with questions about Dak, and his development, with a little of Nick Fitzgerald’s development thrown in to the conversation for good measure. However there were some interesting things to note about some of the future scheme, and changing of positions for this upcoming season.

Dan Mullen chimed in on a position change for projected 1st Round NFL Draft Pick Martinas Rankin, stating “Martinas Rankin will move back out to left tackle after spending spring at center.”

Mullen was also asked about Senior wide receiver Donald Gray, who was present in Birmingham today. Mullen, speaking on how Donald was going to make his last season his best, said “Donald Gray is one of the last to leave every single day.” This is an important observation on a key player in Mississippi State’s offense, and much of our passing game will depend on how well Donald Gray and Nick Fitzgerald improve as a tandem.

Dan, as expected, fielded questions about Dak’s success in the NFL, and he responded with a strong claim on his work ethic, stating “Dak is one of the hardest working people I’ve been around in life.” He also mentioned how Dak had become a star and how famous he had become, saying “It’s hard to become a one-name person, and Dak’s become that.”

Will Sammon of the Clarion Ledger asked one of the most interesting questions, asking Dan if he anticipates Leo Lewis & Kobe Jones being available (barring injury) for every game this season. Dan’s response was emphatic. “Absolutely.”


This year, seniors Dez Harris, Donald Gray and Martinas Rankin represented MSU at SEC Media Days, and Donald Gray brought the style to compete with the head coach.

Donald Gray mentioned how Nick Fitzgerald’s passes felt like a “missile,” saying in colorful terms “it’ll snatch your hands off if you’re not paying attention.”

Martinas Rankin was asked if he ever got “scared” about his quarterback running the ball so much, and he gave a good response, stating “He’s a big guy, sometimes I worry more about the defender.” There is real concern around the Maroon and White fanbase of just how much Nick Fitzgerald runs the football, but that style will remain an integral part of his game in his junior season.

This Media Days yielded very professional answers from Mississippi State players, and Dan Mullen, but not anything too eventful, which is just the way we would all like to have it every year.