Looking for an athlete that can make plays all around the field, even on both sides of the ball? Enter Marcus Murphy of West Point (MS) High School. Murphy, a 4-star athlete in the 2018 class, announced his commitment to Mississippi State on May 2, 2017, choosing the Bulldogs over prestigious programs such as Michigan, Ole Miss and Tennessee, among others. We interviewed Marcus about what led to his decision and how he finally chose Mississippi State.



Peyton Aldridge– Marcus, thanks for joining us. So we know you were committed to State for a while and then you de-committed. What was going through your head during that time?

Marcus Murphy– The only thing I was thinking about was if I was making the right choice in picking a school as soon.

P. Aldridge– That makes sense. So why did you choose Mississippi State over the other schools you had offers from?

M. Murphy– Well, I chose Mississippi State because I feel like I can accomplish a lot of big things there academically and on the field.

P. Aldridge– I love that answer! Did you grow up a State fan, being just down the road from Starkville?

M. Murphy– I’ve grown up a State fan my entire life.

P. Aldridge– You play both sides of the ball and are very good on both. So which do you prefer? Offense or defense?

M. Murphy– I prefer to play defense when I get to State but if they need me to play on offense I’d be willing to do that as well.

P. Aldridge– Awesome, gotta love the dedication to team! Does seeing West Point graduate like Aeris Williams at State sway your decision at all?

M. Murphy– No sir, I don’t see them being there swaying my decision. I look at it in a good way, two good running backs being there will help the team, we will feed off them!

P. Aldridge– You are one of the top in-state recruits. Are you close with any of the other top in-state guys?

M. Murphy– I’m very close with Jett Johnson.

P. Aldridge– Well, I’m sure you are tired of the recruiting questions so let’s ask a couple about you! Who is your favorite professional team?

M. Murphy– Oh, the Atlanta Falcons!

P. Aldridge– Lets not discuss this last Super Bowl then… Who is the player you look up to the most?

M. Murphy– For sure Julio Jones.

P. Aldridge– I can’t argue with that one. Who is the professional player you think your game models after the most?

M. Murphy– I’ll say Aaron Rodgers because he’s the type of player you could depend on when you need a clutch play and I make plays but when it’s clutch-time, I get after it!

P. Aldridge– We can’t wait to see you making those clutch plays in the Maroon and White! Final question. What does Mr. Murphy do in his spare time?

M. Murphy– I spend time with my family and I’m always working out. And then go beat up on my boys in Madden!

P. Aldridge– Awesome, well thanks for joining us Marcus and we all look forward to seeing you play on Saturday’s for OUR Bulldogs of Mississippi State!

Marcus Murphy, was recently tabbed as the #6 Athlete in the 2018 by 247 Sports, Marcus is also the highest rated player in the 2018 Mississippi class, and is expected to make a huge impact for Mississippi State when he arrives on campus next fall.

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