Today, we would like to announce our formation of the Takeover Sports Network. Hailstate Takeover’s coverage of MSU athletics will not change, but rather be a part of a larger organization of fan-driven sites dedicated to maintaining a high level of journalistic integrity.

What is the Takeover Sports Network?

The Takeover Sports Network is a collective of sports news websites, beginning with our founding site HailState Takeover, and including our partner websites: Trojan Takeover & Texas Takeover. Takeover Sports is committed to providing the same original content across all platforms and blogs we add. We will launch our two newest websites on August 1st, and we anticipate to see the same growth as we already have with our Mississippi State website!

Why Should You Support Takeover Sports?

It will only make your experience on HailState Takeover better, as we expand our team and shake up the sports blogging industry. We want to move away from clickbait and pay-to-play news sites that limit how you enjoy the coverage of your favorite University’s athletics. If you want to read quality work done by individuals who have a passion for the teams they cover, look no further. If you want repurposed articles, by all means go find them. They won’t be here.

How to Support?

We are not going to ask for donations or anything of that sort at this time, we just ask our readers to please follow our other accounts we have on this network. Your continued dedication to reading and sharing the stories from these sites, as well as Hailstate Takeover, let us know we are moving in the right direction.



We hope you follow us on our journey to the top!

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