Hey readers. Looking for a 6’3 220 pound linebacker that is as smart as he is talented? Look no further than 3 star recruit Jett Johnson. Don’t let the ” 3 star” confuse you, as I fully expect this true talent from my hometown of Tupelo, MS to be a 4 star, possibly even a 5 star by the end of this recruiting year. Jett was nice enough to have a sit down 1-on-1 interview with us and boy, it was truly a pleasure for me to speak with such a talented kid.

Peyton Aldridge- Whats up Jett, Hope you are having a great day and thank you for your time. First up, What made you choose MSU over the other programs that you held offers from?

Jett Johnson-Thanks guys! I choose MS State over the other programs because I have grown up a State fan and it has always been a dream of mine to run out of that tunnel in Davis Wade.

Peyton Aldridge- I can’t lie, it was always a dream of mine as well to run out of that tunnel and I’m glad someone like you is going to get to live it out. I’ve heard your mom and dad are a household divided(State and Ole Miss). Has this made your decision even tougher?

Jett Johnson- It was a little tough because I knew one would be happy and one would be sad because I had it narrowed down between State and OM. But in the end I knew they would be happy for me either way.

P. Aldridge- And it’s always great to hear about parents being supportive either way. I’m sure they are most proud of the young man you have become! Marcus Murphy told us that he was close with you. Any other recruits around the state that you have a close connection with?

J. Johnson- Yes, Marcus & I have become very close. I’m close with Lovett and Reed from Olive Branch. And I’ve gotten to know Cumbest as well. All 3, really great guys.

P. Aldridge- One thing I’ve noticed is how close this 2018 Bulldog group is. Makes me even more excited to see yall get out there on that field. Have you spoke with Coach Grantham about what your role in the defense will be?  We are all excited to see him as the new DC but no one knows what to expect from him as far as scheme goes.

J. Johnson- Coach Grantham and I have established a very good relationship with one another. We haven’t really talked too much about it but he has said he’ll be comfortable with me playing inside and outside backer for him.

P. Aldridge- That’s great news! Now to a few lighter questions. What is your favorite High School football memory?

J. Johnson- My favorite high school memory personally, would probably be getting 2 picks against Shannon my sophomore year because that kind of “put me on the map” if you will. Or winning the Division Championship last year because that hadn’t been done in a while at Tupelo, so that was awesome to be apart of.

P. Aldridge- It was great to see Tupelo back to the top. Speaking of Tupelo, where is your favorite place to eat around there?

J. Johnson- My go to places in Tupelo are Juva Juice because I love smoothies and Danvers. You can’t go wrong at either one of those.

P. Aldridge- You can never go wrong at Juva Juice! What NFL player do you try to model your game after?

J. Johnson- Luke Kuechely and Sean Lee are the 2 guys I love in the NFL.

P. Aldridge- Those are 2 of the best so you can’t go wrong there. Whats one thing you look forward to most about college besides playing D1 football?

J. Johnson- Besides playing SEC football, my favorite thing about college will probably be hanging with all the people there. I already know a lot of people who are going to State and will hopefully meet many more. So my favorite part will probably be hanging out with everyone.

P. Aldridge- What are you wanting to major in?

J. Johnson- I’m undecided on my major right now.

P. Aldridge- Take your time with that decision. It’s a big one! Last question and we are going with a random one. Favorite TV show?

J. Johnson- My favorite TV show would have to be LOST. (My favorite movie though is The Princess Bride!)

P. Aldridge- The Princess Bride is my go to movie when I need a good laugh. Well thanks Jett again, for sitting down with us and I cant wait to see you in that Maroon and White! Hope you have a great senior year.


As you see, we are getting a great talent and a wonderful young man. This class is truly looking to be a great one and stay tuned for our monthly recruiting roundup to see who else may be joining this stacked class. As always, thanks for reading and follow me on twitter @pald10msu and our home site @hailstatetakes. And for all your message board needs, be sure to visit Elitedawgs.com. And as always, HAILSTATE!!!