This timeline will chronologically document Mississippi State’s shocking upset of #1 UConn

8:50: Nervousness abounds many Mississippi State fans believe they have a chance, but slim to none believe Vic Schaefer’s team can pull off the ultimate upset.

9:00: The game begins, as Uconn wins the tip in their 112th game of their 111 game win streak, which everyone anticipates will continue tonight.

UConn wins the tip.

— Amber Deanean Dodd (@amberdodd97)

  9:10: Mississippi State has come out swinging and UConn seems shocked, as the Bulldogs begin to take advantage of the out of the ordinary UConn turnovers.

  9:20:  MSU 22 – UConn 13 END of 1st Quarter, shock abounds everyone wonders could this really happen? The Lady Bulldogs have played great, but could they keep this up against the giants of Women’s Basketball?

9:30:  This is when many Bulldog fans start believing, Vic Schaefer has the team playing at a high level. They lead by 14 and lead by as much as 16 with 7 minutes to go in the first half.

9:40 The emotional rollercoaster continues, Mississippi State saw its once 16 point lead down to 4, as many begin to think, “This is it” or “We should have buried them, when we were up by 16.” as the score at the time was 29-25 in favor of the Bulldogs.

 9:50: MSU 36 – UConn 28 HALFTIME, the Bulldogs see their largest lead of the half cut in half, but it could have been worse, as they survived a run by the Huskies. Many National writers start to take notice, as the Bulldogs are one half away from ending the longest active streak in sports.

10:00:  Mississippi State comes into the 3rd quarter with the lead but UConn is slowly, but surely chipping away at the lead that remains in favor of the Bulldogs.

10:10: Uconn is on fire, and they have cut Mississippi State’s lead down to only a slim three point advantage, people are beginning to feel more anxious than a recruiting watch party in Oxford.

 10:20: The Lady Bulldogs battled back to tie the game after they had let their lead slip away during the last ten-minute span, however, Uconn seems to be overpowering the Bulldogs, and who knows how much longer they will be able to keep their valiant effort up.

 10:30: Mississippi State and the undisputed #1 team in the nation has only one quarter remaining to see, who will meet South Carolina in the National Championship Game.

10:40: The two teams are giving each other hell on the defensive end, almost four minutes into the fourth quarter and only two points have been scored all by Mississippi State!

10:50: The offenses of both squads have regained composure and the Huskies have the lead with a slim two minutes remaining in the National Semi-Finals.

11:00: Morgan William misses a game winning lay up, and then Uconn misses a game winning 3/4 court heave to send the game to OT, Uconn had not won a game in OT since 2004. The game is tied 60-60 going to OT.

11:10 The upset is beginning to look more plausible, Mississippi State has a lead in overtime, but the Huskies aren’t going to go down without a fight, and the referees wouldn’t either.

 11:15:  After a ridiculous flagrant foul call, Mississippi State gets a huge stop on defense and will have the ball with only 12.3 seconds left and a National Championship berth on the line.



Mississippi State achieved what no one thought possible. They took down the Huskies, and that game will live on in the history of Women’s Basketball, and more importantly in the hearts of Mississippi State fans for years to come.